Is streaming technology saving the music industry?

Streaming technology on websites such as Spotify, Napster and others are legal, but that doesn’t mean that there are not many complains about them from the original authors of the work being streamed. Often the complaint is that these websites do not pay enough in royalties back to the original creator. Streaming, and streaming music in particular, has become even more popular as the years have passed. While paid downloads of music have gone down, streaming of music has gone up, and now through these websites, users can listen to the music that they want to through a stream, and if they like it, they can get a direct link to the authors website, were they can purchase the music directly from the people that made it, without another company such as Spotify getting a cut of the profit. It has become a one stop shop for information regarding bands and a place to purchase as well as listen to music. With things such as illegal downloading picking up, streaming music through a website helps the music industry because the artists get paid their respective royalties that way. In the end, the author points out that streaming really has helped the music industry evolve so it did not die out.

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