Intellectual Property and Fair Use article 2: How Your Data Are Being Deeply Mined

This article talks about the passive collection of data by private corporations and the response the owner has to that data being collected. For the most part, the collection of data that the private corporations does is in order to build a portfolio about the user. The author gave an example of visiting an L.L. Bean website and looking at some winter boots. Then, a few days later, one of the ads the author got on their phone was an ad for L.L Bean. It is this tracking of websites and collection of data that scares people, because they do not want to have this data collected about them. Then, the people that collect this data from the users can sell the data to large corporations who can use it to advertise to those users. In all, collecting this data is legal most of the time due to the wavers that a user signs before using a website that might collect the users data. The author did say that The Federal Trade Commission and the Senate Committee are calling for more transparency in the companies collection of data.

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