Intellectual Property and Fair Use article 1: Will the 2014 World Cup Be Remembered For Being The Most Illegally Streamed Tournament In History?

This article talks about the ownership of intellectual property and how it can be inferred that users of the internet care less and less about it. People that use the internet today usually either know someone that streams movies, television shows or similar materials or does it themselves. With the price of paying for access to watch sporting events such as The World Cup as high as it is, it is not surprising that people would try to find a work-around rather than pay to see The World Cup through their internet or cable provider. With more people providing links to watch events, movies and television shows popping up every day, it gets harder for the Government to shut down the illegal links. This means, that while some links will be shut down, if a person would really like to watch The World Cup for free online, they could. This article mentions several people that talked to the author about their streaming websites. The owners of the streaming sites often said the same thing. For people who just sit down and do this from their computer, they get a lot of followers on their stream. So in all, yes, streaming things such as sporting events without the owner of said sporting events permission is illegal, but it still gets done a lot and it is really hard to stop.

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