Creation and consumption book 1: iDisorder

Chapter four: Getting High on Technology

In this chapter, Dr. Rosen, Dr. Cheever and Dr. Carrier explain the effect technology has on individuals living today. Through several examples, they have shown different ways that people have become addicted to technology. Several different addictions are: Cell phone addiction, internet addiction, general technology addiction, and more. Through the use of applications on phones, tablets and computers, the programmers have found a way to keep people coming back to the programmers applications. In this chapter, that is referenced as “The pull of technology”. With users constantly checking back in using the internet for certain rewards such as new information, possibly bonuses to use in games, and such, the average user is using more and more data from the internet. As I have mentioned earlier, there are several disorders that have come about from this increased use in technology. It turns out that these disorders are much more common in Asian countries, rather than western countries, which I speculate is due to the huge influx of technology companies that base out of Asian countries. So in all, technology dependance has become several new disorders, although they do not effect us as much in the Western part of the world, they are legitimate disorders and therefore things we should be concerned about. Our consumption of technology is rising steadily and one day we might have to be careful to not become addicted to it ourselves.

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